Basement remodel -games anyone?

Constant searching on Craigslist found me this great 90 yr old round oak table on wheels. I refinished the top and added 4 modern wheeled chairs with a wood and silver finish. Nice contrast in materials, I think.

I chose to put the game table in front of the fireplace, which has a cable outlet for a small flatscreen TV in the future. We can play cards and watch a ballgame or Dan can work at his desk with the news on if he wants.




A view from the opposite angle.

Factory cart part 2 (plus more)

As promised, factory cart as furniture will be revealed, along with some other furnishings.

I knew the cart was going to be a TV stand, not a coffee table. Our craigslist leather sofa has recliner seats on the ends, so a coffee table would be in the way. The problem was how to get the TV high enough for comfortable viewing.  I scouted the resale shops and found a few old wooding crates, we tried them all and one was just right.

The zebra rug was my first choice from the start. Great match to the black open ceiling and white walls.

Not a great photo, but it tells the story.














This crate didn’t work.





Brown leather couch with accent pillows





















Factory cart as furniture

A friend brought in a catalog from Restoration Hardware to work one day and I was hooked on the vintage industrial look of the decor. Not hooked on the prices, though. There was this fabulous beat up wood and iron factory cart that was shown in use as a coffee table. Price: around $900!! (check ’em out online) I could only dream. So I looked in flea markets, antique shops, eBay for similar style items to use in the basement. Love the look of the Edison light bulbs and pendant barn lamps, old schoolhouse style lighting, etc. Had a nice long chat (it was kinda one-sided) with my dentist, who has decorated extensively from the Restoration Hardware Store.

One day I was looking at Craigslist (again) and saw a listing for vintage factory carts,$50 in a nearby town. $50!!!! Dear hubby got one for me the very next day. Dear sister helped me clean it up and believed with me that it would look good, even when others couldn’t picture it.

Here it is before any clean up:

More to come on the next post!

A few mistakes along the way!

Doing it the hard way!

We had our contractor crew finish the last 3 feet of the floor.  They reported back that we installed the floor backwards, that’s why it was sooo difficult to install. It was finished, but with an offer to come back and re-install it for us sometime in the future. It should work fine, but the offer is out there should we need it. sheesh.

Floor Day

This wasn’t our first floor to install, as we put in a laminate wood floor at our previous house in Lafayette.  Our material today is a vinyl based product.

As we expected, the first couple of rows went down slowly as we figured out how to finesse the tongue and groove connections together while trying to hold things in place.  Once we had three courses down, there was no more shifting and disconnecting.

Despite the  labeling on the boxes advertising “easy to install”, we found that wasn’t really the case.  Even after many pieces were on the floor, we still had trouble getting pieces in.  I guess we’re not handyman material.

Some of the cuts were difficult, but we got the hang of it after a while.

After seven hours on the job, we called it a day with 90% complete. We were having trouble measuring and making cuts correctly, as our brains and bodies were done.  The contractors will finish things up tomorrow.

We are very happy with the end result.  Looks good, and we expect it to last many years.

The Painting

Kelly is not too keen on writing about the painting of the basement.  She worked pretty hard, and I think she is still pretty tired.

She started on Thursday, painting a coat of primer after work.  On Friday, she did a 2nd coat of primer in the AM, followed by the paint coat in the afternoon.  I was impressed with the way she kept at it, even when she was pretty beat.

On Saturday, she worked on triming the windows and other areas, and the contractors were in later to help with the high parts.

Thanks to her hard work, we ended up with a great looking room.

Paint Time!

Today saw a big milestone in the basement project, as the contractors have completed all but the finish work, so they passed the torch to us to paint the walls and install the floor.

Not sure how long it will take, but Kelly is off work tomorrow, and she’s ready to start. In fact, she is downstairs applying the primer as we speak.


Note the enclosure around the water pressure tank





Master Painter!